How Vinyl Siding Installation Affects Life’s Values

Technology propels innovation and births inventions to make more efficient of life. To replace costly materials with cheaper alternatives, many home owners opt for the much extolled vinyl siding. Installation as well as maintenance expenses are purportedly more attractive as compared to conventional methods. Advertisers laud the advantages of putting up this fascia as natural options are being superseded by the artificial.

Before opting for any major change in one’s life, whether personal or property, it is ideal to understand the undercurrents. As it is harvested from a chemistry lab experiment as compared to forest reserves and natural slates, it is bound to draw some public attention. Akin to the continual clash between plastic bags and their recyclable peers, some schools of thought consider these artificial walls to be less than ideal to the home owners’ health in the long run. Extreme weather conditions as well as fire breakouts may induce emission of fumes to cause adverse effect to respiratory systems. Proponents of vinyl siding installation however present differing opinions as these views obviously jeopardize the future of the industry.

Encasing one’s house with this polymer is no different from living in a plastic bubble. Since plastic is durable and has proven to outlast its creator, perhaps it may be the answer to minimal maintenance of the house’s exterior. Despite the best of intentions, mold and mildew set in, colors fade. Unless one is content with a dilapidated exterior, effort is still needed for its upkeep. Being lightweight, this material is susceptible to breakage due to accidents of nature or otherwise. No different from modern car fenders, a dent requires a replacement as the siding is not designed for refurbishment. Short of one cordoning off a perimeter to lawn mowers and falling branches, this artificial wall is exposed to potential damage.

Despite best of intentions to recreate wood swirls, upon closer inspection, facades with vinyl siding installation may not paint the prettiest of pictures. In case the owner puts the house up for sale, this may detract from its property value. Properties claiming historical significance may also lose their preservation status if too much of the original is tampered with. As said once too often, it is a rare occasion to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.