School’s Out – Feng Shui’s In

With school out, longer days and the adjustment to summer schedules, this season brings its own joys, and stresses. Keeping things balanced and harmonized in your home might be a challenge, especially those with children and company visiting, as the well oiled routines of the school year are tossed out the window.

The wisdom of a Feng Shui can be applied to all surroundings, in all seasons and any situation or occasion. Its application helps establish a flow of calm, positive energy in the environment. For indoors and the outdoor yard and patio, here are some considerations to keep organized and maintain equilibrium on the home front with this summer season.

• Pack into storage any winter clothes, coats, boots, shovels and other clutter that are lying around the house and yard. Clear out old school papers and supplies that are piling up on the countertops, fridge and corners. The key here is to simplify the space with less stuff lying around the rooms, causing congested and depleted energy flow.

• With more people coming in and out of the house from the yard, keep all the entrances clear of clutter to trip on. Shoe racks tucked neatly to the side and non-slip mats are ideal.

• Use un-breakable dishes for outdoor meals and snacks.

• Keep tripping hazards to a minimum by always folding up the hose, hanging up the dog leash, and clearing the yard of debris.

• Clean out and rearrange the fridge to allow easy access to snacks for hungry kids. Easier grab-and-go snacks and drinks will mean less spills and breaks from knocking over items from the fridge.

• Dispose of old and broken down garden equipment or toys, such as old swing sets, retired lawn mowers and outgrown bicycles.

• Inspect fences and outdoor furniture for nails or splinters which could cause injury, and check the lawn or patio daily for sharp objects on bare feet.

• Stock up on healthy snacks and drinks, such as home-made popsicles and fruit to cool you down from the heat.

• Establish clear rules and boundaries for children playing in the yard and house, such as not leaving the area unattended, no shoes in the house, or food and drink in the living room.

All of these changes will help ensure a better energy in the home and less chaos. If you are proactive, the days will flow much easier for adults and children, and bringing a Feng Shui balance to your surroundings will help you make the most of summer.

Old School Eats, Sweets and Treats

No matter how serious and formal you might be required to be from day-to-day, everyone should get in touch with their inner child every once in a while. Remember the pure joy of those carefree days when the simplest things in life were the most incredible. Even a walk in the park was never just a walk in the park with so much to explore and discover with every tree being assessed for its ‘climbability’ and every hidden corner a potential ‘den’. Of course most of us eventually have to grow up get a job or look after the family and the time for just having fun seems to rapidly shrink.

It’s all too easy to lose touch of that sense of wonder at the world and finding fun in the most mundane things. Children have the most incredible imaginations; capable of turning a plain cardboard box into a spaceship for the day or a bare lawn into the Wild West. So next time you are looking for the perfect give for someone that might be in need of a little reminder of how to recapture the joy of childhood, try to choose a present that will spark off memories and hark back to the good old days.

Old School Fun

There is no better way to bring out someone’s inner child than to recreate the ultimate experience of childhood: a trip to the local sweet shop. Of course it is very difficult to find a genuine sweet shop these days as most people tend to do most of their shopping in supermarkets, so why not make your own personal sweetie store and stock it with retro sweets from the old days?

Retro sweets don’t just taste great but they are sure to bring those sweet memories of childhood flooding back and remind the lucky recipient what it means to be a child. Retro sweets are a great centre piece for a party and make a wonderful talking point as everyone will remember something about their childhood, how ever far off it may seem, when they see the colourful array of retro sweets before them.

A personalised jar of retro sweets makes a great gift for anyone that might be feeling a little over the hill as the sight of long-forgotten goodies is sure to bring out the playfulness and fun of childhood and remind them of the simple joy of focusing on the lighter side of life. Retro sweets include those delicious little Candy Necklaces, the fizzy tang of Flying Saucers and the creamy sweetness of Chocolate Mice. You can even buy retro sweets in a traditional sweet shop transparent jar and recreate the excitement of that moment when the shop keeper unscrewed the jar of your chosen treat and shook it into the scales.


Of course retro sweets are just one of the many unique and fun gift ideas for bringing back some old school fun into someone’s life. It is also important to remember that toys and games are by no means the preserve of our children. Getting together with friends solely for the purpose of having fun is something most of us rarely find time for and it is difficult to get everyone together without a real focus for the night. So why not give the gift of fun and choose a game that can be played with friends of any age?

A great idea that fits with the theme of retro sweets and toys is to choose a board game that is sure to remind them of their youth, whether it is ludo or snakes and ladders, something that takes them back to the carefree days of childhood and recreates that feeling of the last day of school is sure to be a winner. Or for a more grown up affair, quiz night is a great idea for a party with all sorts of trivia games and books available. But a particularly good option for a retro-themed party is the Nostalgia Quiz, ideal for anyone growing up in the 70s, 80s or 90s. The quiz covers all the iconic moments of these decades and comes with a game DVD and everything you need for an amusing trip down memory lane.

So, whether you are throwing a big party or just want a personal gift for someone special, the retro-theme will be great fun for anyone that might be feeling a little over the hill. Retro Sweets will have their taste buds tingling and recalling all sorts of long-forgotten tales and a night of reminiscing with friends is a great way to relax and get together with all
those great people that you never see enough. Throw in some friendly competition with a nostalgic trivia game and you have the recipe for a perfect evening of retro celebration.

Lawn Boy 10640 Mower – Where to Get Great Deals

Are you searching for a great Lawn Boy 10640 deal? If you have answered yes to that question, then this is the article for you. If you know exactly where to look, you can get a good price for this mower. You aren’t the only one looking for a good price on this mower, as many other lawn enthusiasts are also on the hunt. Read on and I’ll tell you how to get the deal.

So are gas mowers going obsolete today?

While it is indeed true that electric mowers are overshadowing gas mowers, manufacturers will never stop building the old gas mowers. The reason why? Because it is old school and serves the purpose very well – to get your lawn cut evenly and deeply. And because of rising gas prices, the lawn mower companies are taking pages out of car companies books and making them greener and more fuel efficient. This in turn lessens your hassle and keeps hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

What do lawn enthusiasts look for in a lawn mower nowadays?

They look for certain things, and in a gas mower their expectations are very high. First, they look at the weight of the mower. The lighter the mower, the easier it will be to get the job done and the more convenience it will bring them to their day. Secondly, they want options on what to do with their grass. Some enthusiasts bag their grass, some like to mulch, and still others let their grass discharge to the side. Third, and most importantly, they don’t want to struggle to get the mower started. While most gas mowers retain the pull start, others have an effortless alternative to start such as a key, button, or combination of both.

The Lawn Boy 10640 has what they are looking for, along with many other features and benefits that the enthusiasts drool over.

How do you get a good deal on the mower?

While each and every one of your friends are buying the mower at the very first price point they see, they don’t realize that they could get it a whole lot cheaper. Always look at the shipping options both ways as well. It does take a lot of research, but knowing that you can get the mower for the cheapest price possible will make it worth it.